Sunday, May 29, 2011

dirty shoes

Converse  is an American shoe company that has been making shoes since the early 20th century

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Filling station

A filling station, also known as a fueling station, garage, gasbar, gas station (U.S.), petrol bunk (India), petrol pump, petrol garage, petrol kiosk (Singapore), petrol station (United Kingdom) or service station, is a facility which sells fuel and lubricants for motor vehicles. The most common fuels sold today are petrol (known also as gasoline or gas in the U.S. and Canada, while "petrol" is also known in Canada), diesel fuel and electric energy. Filling stations that only sell electric energy are also known as charging stations.
Fuel dispensers are used to pump petrol/gasolinedieselCNGCGH2HCNGLPGLH2ethanol fuelbiofuels like biodieselkerosene, or other types of fuel into vehicles and calculate the financial cost of the fuel transferred to the vehicle. Fuel dispensers are also known as bowsers(in some parts of Australia),petrol pumps (in Commonwealth countries) or gas pumps (inNorth America).
Many filling stations also combine small convenience stores, and some also sell propane orbutane and have added shops to their primary business. Conversely, some chain stores, such as supermarkets, discount superstores, warehouse clubs, or traditional convenience stores, have provided filling stations on the premises.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Greek Lunch with my Father and my Dimi

Greek cuisine (GreekΕλληνική Κουζίνα) is a Mediterranean cuisine,sharing characteristics with the cuisines of Italy, the BalkansTurkey, and the Levant. Contemporary Greek cookery makes wide use of olive oil, vegetables and herbs, grains and bread, winefish, and various meats, including poultryrabbit and pork. Also important are olivescheeseauberginecourgette, and yoghurt. Greek desserts are characterized by the dominant use of nuts and honey. Some dishes use filo pastry.
Mezés (μεζές) is a collective name for a variety of small dishes, typically served with wines or anise-flavored liqueurs as ouzo or homemade tsipouro. Orektika is the formal name for appetizers and is often used as a reference to eating a first course of a cuisine other than Greek cuisine.Dips are served with bread loaf or pita bread. In some regions, dried bread (paximadhi) is softened in water.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

moon with little sun

OTE Tower

OTE Tower is a 76-metre-tall tower located in the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center in central ThessalonikiGreece. The tower opened in 1966 and was renovated in 2005.
The tower was designed by Greek architect A. Anastasiadis and was completed in 1965, with the first black and white broadcasts on a Greek television network taking place from the tower in 1966. The tower was also used in the 1970s to support the antennas of an experimental VHF analogue mobile telephone network. Today it is used by the Cosmote cellular mobile telephone network.
The tower today, other than its status as a modern monument of the city and its use by Cosmote; opens up for events and exhibitions during the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, while arevolving restaurant operates all year round on the top floor.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


People is a plurality of human beings or other beings possessing enough qualities constituting personhood. It has two usages:
Because the word people often refers to abstract and general types of groups, the wordpersons is sometimes used in place of people, especially when it would be ambiguous with its collective sense (e.g. missing persons instead of people). It can collectively refer to allhumans or it can be used to identify a certain ethnic or religious group. For example, "people of color" is a phrase used in North America to describe non-whites.